CG Motorsports

CG Motorsports wants to convert your lurchy, uncomfortable, rough shifting SMG transmission to a fully restored 6spd manual

If you have an SMG transmission, but lust for a 6spd give us a call to quote a conversion to manual shifted gearbox. We can remove all the tired, rough shifting hydraulic systems in your SMG unit and convert your car to a pedal control clutch with manual shift with 100% factory fit and finish.

Once the mechanical swap is complete, we will recode your M3’s Can-Bus network so that your car functions as if it had been fit with a 6 speed from the factory. All factory fitted options will remain functioning as before the conversion. This is a perfect opportunity to install a brand new clutch, and clean up the look of your cockpit with a ZHP shift knob.

In the Lower Mainland, many of the E46 M3’s on the used market are equipped with SMG transmissions. The SMG/6SPD swap will open up the availability for people who have manual as a “must have” option on their list.

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