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Complete S52 ENGINE overhaul

This S52 has powered an E36 M3 for over 140 000 miles. Now it’s time for complete overhaul for this 3.2 liter slant six. With no expense spared, Jerry carefully disassembles every last piece before its all inspected, restored or replaced before rebuilding begins. High compression pistons were installed while the head was sent out for machining. Every bearing and seal was replaced in the bottom end. Before it was installed on the block, the head was fitted with new valve guides and seals.

Once the finishing touches are complete, this power plant will be up for sale on the CG Motorsports ebay store. The engine will produce around 245 horsepower and be perfect for anyone who wants to give their e36 some new life. It is also a great fit someone who wants to do the conversion in a classic E30 for a massive power increase and a tidy new fit under the hood.

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